If you are a teenager, life can sometimes feel pretty dramatic: like a rollercoaster ride, full of ups and downs. It is totally possible, though, to enjoy your teenage years by learning how to: Deal effectively with life’s challenges  Understand your fluctuating moods and how your thinking affects them EffectivelyContinue Reading

If, like many people, you are in the habit of worrying, then it can often feel like you are stuck, going round and round on a worry-go-round with thoughts and concerns whizzing round your head but never actually getting resolved. This often happens when we least want it; when lyingContinue Reading

Most of us, getting sick—yes, that kind of sick— from time-to-time is something that we accept and try to not think about any more than we absolutely have to. In fact, please allow me to apologise in advance for bringing up the subject if it wasn’t already on your mind! For millions (yes,Continue Reading

I specialise in supporting people to overcome stress and anxiety disorders, depression, low self esteem and social anxiety. I offer a free initial face-to-face sessions or Skype consultation. From there, we can arrange convenient, individually tailored Thrive sessions on a weekly basis to guide you successfully through the programme. PleaseContinue Reading