Down with the Kids

homepage-main-touts_1If you are a teenager, life can sometimes feel pretty dramatic: like a rollercoaster ride, full of ups and downs. It is totally possible, though, to enjoy your teenage years by learning how to:

  • Deal effectively with life’s challenges 
  • Understand your fluctuating moods and how your thinking affects them
  • Effectively manage your many emotions and build stable high self esteem


When you learn these skills, you can get the most out of your life and be happy, healthy, creative and successful.

As a teenager, its quite normal to feel anxious or a bit low from time to time. However, some teenagers find that they feel anxious, stressed or depressed more often than not. They find that they feel so overwhelmed that their every day life is affected. Ironically, in a world where so many of us seem to be in almost constant contact via social media, many teenagers feel lonely and isolated. Add to that, the potential pressures of school work, exams, family or relationship challenges and body image issues, it’s no wonder that many teenagers feel emotionally and mentally overwhelmed.

One of the most rewarding aspects of my work as a Thrive Consultant, is working with young people, from the age of 11 years old  upwards, in helping them to overcome anxiety, stress, panic attacks, depression, low confidence, fears and phobias. I love seeing the positive changes that take place when they learn how to: images

  • Increase their self esteem
  • Feel more in control of their life
  • Feel more resilient and able to bounce back from life’s challenges
  • Decrease their social anxiety and start to enjoy life and have fun.

If you are teenager who is struggling, please feel inspired by knowing that you can learn the life skills necessary to help you thrive. Once you have learnt these skills, you can use them for the rest of your life: it’s pretty amazing!

There is more information for young people at Thrive for Teenagers or contact me.



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