Ruth smiling with arms crossed

One of the most-rewarding parts of the work I do as a licensed Thrive Programme Consultant® is helping clients overcome a severe phobia of vomiting known as emetophobia. This debilitating fear can involve sufferers being afraid of vomiting themselves and/or others vomiting. The Cure Your Emetophobia and Thrive Programme® is suchContinue Reading

Some of the biggest benefits for me of the life skills I have learnt with The Thrive Programme have been around being a parent. As the mum of two wonderful teenagers I am truly grateful for the ways that the positive psychology of the Thrive Programme has enriched our livesContinue Reading

I’m tired today!  I’m tired of chasing the tail of this bipolar monster.  I never seem to be able to take it by the scruff of the neck and start controlling it!  It always controls me!  Its always ten steps ahead, telling me how my moods are going to be! Continue Reading

Melissa from Florida, USA, explains how she overcame a fear of flying and elevators (lifts) using FaceTime “Fly Happy” sessions. Well done Melissa, it was a pleasure working with you.