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The Top 5 Benefits of Self Compassion

When I am working with clients to help them thrive, one of the many areas that we work on is self-compassion. Almost without exception, clients discover that they are being hard, judgemental and often unkind to themselves on a daily basis. This is because we can develop a belief that unless we treat ourselves like Read more about The Top 5 Benefits of Self Compassion[…]

7 Steps to build resilient children who aren’t afraid to fail

Parents sometimes fall into the trap of choreographing their child’s success. Source: 7 Steps to Build Resilient Children Who Aren’t Afraid to Fail: Resilience is the ability to bounce back from and cope well with challenges. I work with teenagers to help them develop resilience using the Thrive for Teenagers Programme. This programme helps develop self-awareness, Read more about 7 Steps to build resilient children who aren’t afraid to fail[…]

Getting Off the Worry-Go-Round

If, like many people, you are in the habit of worrying, then it can often feel like you are stuck, going round and round on a worry-go-round with thoughts and concerns whizzing round your head but never actually getting resolved. This often happens when we least want it; when lying in bed at night, when Read more about Getting Off the Worry-Go-Round[…]