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Cure your Emetophobia and Thrive as a Parent

One of the most-rewarding parts of the work I do as a licensed Thrive Programme Consultant® is helping clients overcome a severe phobia of vomiting known as emetophobia. This debilitating fear can involve sufferers being afraid of vomiting themselves and/or others vomiting. The Cure Your Emetophobia and Thrive Programme® is such effective help for this fear Read more about Cure your Emetophobia and Thrive as a Parent[…]

A Room with a View- and No Anxiety!

I recently had a lovely stay in the Hilton Hotel, Manchester. It was only when we were en-route to the hotel and my husband pointed it out in the distant skyline, that I realised that the hotel is really rather tall! It is currently the 11th tallest building in the UK, being situated in the Read more about A Room with a View- and No Anxiety![…]

Emetophobia (Fear of Being Sick)

Most of us, getting sick—yes, that kind of sick— from time-to-time is something that we accept and try to not think about any more than we absolutely have to. In fact, please allow me to apologise in advance for bringing up the subject if it wasn’t already on your mind! For millions (yes, millions it’s the 5th biggest phobia Read more about Emetophobia (Fear of Being Sick)[…]