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Learning How to Wobble and not Fall Down

Back in the 1970s when I was growing up, before the era of touch screens and computer games, Weebles were all the rage. These little egg-shaped toys were perfectly balanced, earning themselves the strap line: “Weebles wobble but they don’t fall down”. And it was true, they didn’t. Whether their tree house had been struck Read more about Learning How to Wobble and not Fall Down[…]

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The Top 5 Benefits of Self Compassion

When I am working with clients to help them thrive, one of the many areas that we work on is self-compassion. Almost without exception, clients discover that they are being hard, judgemental and often unkind to themselves on a daily basis. This is because we can develop a belief that unless we treat ourselves like Read more about The Top 5 Benefits of Self Compassion[…]

Who Will I Be Without Anxiety?

Part of my work as a Thrive Consultant is helping clients become aware of their limiting beliefs so that we can work together to change them. As the name suggests, a limiting belief is one that is holding you back in life. Sometimes, clients have maintained that unhelpful belief for so long, they don’t realise Read more about Who Will I Be Without Anxiety?[…]

Down with the Kids

If you are a teenager, life can sometimes feel pretty dramatic: like a rollercoaster ride, full of ups and downs. It is totally possible, though, to enjoy your teenage years by learning how to: Deal effectively with life’s challenges  Understand your fluctuating moods and how your thinking affects them Effectively manage your many emotions and Read more about Down with the Kids[…]

Getting Off the Worry-Go-Round

If, like many people, you are in the habit of worrying, then it can often feel like you are stuck, going round and round on a worry-go-round with thoughts and concerns whizzing round your head but never actually getting resolved. This often happens when we least want it; when lying in bed at night, when Read more about Getting Off the Worry-Go-Round[…]